Why Do We Exist?

Sometimes we are given a very difficult question and we expect to receive a very complex answer. For example, how do you split atoms? Well, all you need to break apart a uranium 235 atom is a slow moving free neutron. HUH?? I don't know honestly, that was a copy and paste answer from Google.
Why Do We Exist is probably the most difficult question that we will ever face. However, this difficult question has a simple answer. We exist to bring God praise. We are here walking this earth to do one thing, give praise to our Creator.
Now that we have the answer, when was the last time we used it? When was the last time we gave God praise in our life? Sure, we did when we received a promotion. It was easy for us to bring God praise when all things were working correctly. What about the bad times...the lonely nights...the "I wish I could do things over" moments that we sometimes have. Yes, even then, we bring God praise. When you are having a bad day, remember that God has something great ready for you. During the lonely nights, just remember that God already has your partner heading in your direction. When you wish you could do things over, we can remember grace and the power of second chances that we have in Jesus Christ.
So, feel free to cheat on this test called life. Act like we are in grade school again, grab a pen, roll up your sleeve and write down these words on your wrist...."Bring God Praise!" Even if you can't remember during the difficult times, you will still know the answer to life's most difficult question.
Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God
1 Corinthians 10:31