Wednesday Bible Study 7 pm

Many people question whether God speaks to us today or if He only spoke to people during biblical times.  If He is speaking still, how can we know which voice is His? How can we discern if it's God's voice we're hearing?  How can we determine if it's our own wishes or Satan's misleading directions?
We will tackle these questions and learn to hear and recognize the voice God. Hear God is not a strange or mystical experience. Rather, it is practical and vitally important for all Christians.  While the Lord speaks primarily through His Word, the Bible, He also gives His Spirit to reveal Himself and to guide Christians into a full understanding of His message for their lives.
We will learn why God speaks to people and how He speaks in modern times. We will learn how to distinguish between God's guidance and false messages intended to deceive.  And best of all, we will learn what your part is in the process of listening to the voice of God.